We are Dani and Jacob - your “yes and” photographers

Did we just become best friends?

We love love.

We met back in 2017 when a mutual friend of ours set us up. Jacob was in a play at the time with his classmate Kyle, and Kyle was and continues to be one of Dani’s best friends. After briefly saying hi and quickly parting ways after the show, it took less than 24 hours for Jacob to slide into Dani’s dms. Life happened and we lost touch later that year. Fast forward to 2022, after living in various other cities and states, and five years after we first met, we found ourselves in the same bar on Dani’s 30th birthday. (Dani’s a big woo woo girl - there are no coincidences!)

Jacob had been running his photography business, JCO Photo, for several years, and Dani was tiptoeing back into photography on a whim, having originally been working towards a career in photojournalism before switching her major to theatre. With a mutual craving for travel, new adventures, and Dr. Pepper, we decided why the f*ck not, and Boy Howdy Co. was born.

On any given day, you can find us catching the latest flicks or watching Rupaul’s Drag Race, cooking and trying out new recipes, dancing very unseriously, daydreaming about our travel plans, snuggling with Dani’s dog, Marty, or walking to our favorite coffee shops.


the dreamer

Big fan of: Spicy ramen, the Fourth Wing series, Jeremy Allen White, fashion and pop culture, gardening veggies and flowers, horses, laughing at her own jokes, and Jacob.

☼ leo ☽ capricorn ↑ aries

Enneagram: 4w3-sx/sp | the aristocrat

aristocrats are creative, refined, energetic, and productive. they want to be unique and expressive, hoping to make a lasting impact on society and to stand out amongst the crowd.

Myers-Briggs: INFP-T | the mediator

mediators are passionate, idealistic, and empathetic. they feel called to help others, and have a profound emotional response to music, nature, art, their environment, and the energies of people around them.

Love Languages

Gives: Words of Affirmation, Gifts

Receives: Words of Affirmation, Acts of Service

A black and white studio portrait of a content woman.


the adventurer

Big fan of: Anthony Bourdain, mountains, popcorn and honey crisp apples, Billy Joel, poker and his solitaire app, carajillos, snowboarding, lactaid, and Dani.

☼ leo ☽ libra ↑ cancer

Enneagram: 2w3-so/sp | the host

hosts have a strong desire to be loved and appreciated, as well as a drive for success and achievement. they possess a deep sense of understanding, sensitivity, and a willingness to help others.

Myers-Briggs: ENFJ-T | the protagonist

protagonists feel called to serve a greater purpose in life. thoughtful and idealistic, they strive to have a positive impact on other people and the world around them.

Love Languages

Gives: Acts of Service

Receives: Words of Affirmation, Acts of Service

A black and white studio photo of a content man.

Our Slice of Life

For him: Key Lime | For her: Apple
Two photographers posing with their cameras while photographing a rehearsal dinner in Dallas, Texas.
A photography couple smiles looking at each other and holding their cameras.
A couple poses at the top of a mountainous hike.
A smiling couple posing at the bottom of a mountain after skiing.
Two photographers taking a behind the scenes photo in studio before a photography session.
Two photographers stand outside of a studio after finishing a photography shoot in Fort Worth, Texas.
A couple poses on a hike in Big Bend National Park.
Two photographers celebrate in a mirror photo after shooting a wedding in Dallas, Texas.
A smiling couple poses on their way to the Beyoncé Renaissance concert in Dallas, Texas.
Two photographers pose with their studio set on location in Dallas, Texas.
Two photographers say hi to the camera in studio at a photography shoot in Dallas, Texas.
A couple poses for a smiley selfie at the State Fair of Texas.
Two photographers pose in studio in black and white.
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